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In military tradition, reinforcements are the people who are called up to support the front-line soldiers. In architecture, a reinforcement exists to provide additional strength to a weak area. Right now, in the Church, we’re struggling to provide the necessary man-power and resources to execute the mission of the Church and many of those who have been placed in authority are struggling or negligent. I would never consider myself a first draft pick to do this kind of work, but desperate times…

That’s why I consider myself a reinforcement for the Church. If you feel called to reinforce the Church with whatever you have to offer, then I invite you to join the work that we’re doing here.

By enlisting as a Reinforcement:

  • You will be collaborating in a community of people that want to see authentic renewal in the Church.
  • You will help support my work and ministry in vital ways.
  • You will get exclusive access to interact with me, regularly, in the forum. 
  • You will be able to interact with me in the community forum by sharing ideas for topics, ideas for outreach, and ways to continue building this community.
  • You will be helping me find a viable financial way to continue doing this work and potentially expanding it.
  • You will get exclusive access to member only content and live Q&A’s with me.

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