onerock7For several years, I’ve been trying to appease a restless desire to do more with the incredible gifts of faith, hope, and love that have been instilled in me through Jesus Christ and his Church. I don’t consider myself anyone’s first pick to be a leading voice in the Church, but it seems we are in a season in which many of our leaders are more interested in exercising power than they are serving as Christ commanded. And many of our good leaders (our first picks) are overwhelmed and the reinforcements are needed to fill in. If you feel a similar calling, I invite you to help me by enlisting as a reinforcement for this work. With your support, I can expand those efforts and find needed collaborators in community.

I am a struggling thinker, writer, speaker, commentator, and evangelist trying to serve the mission of the Church and I'm hoping that this website and platform will provide a way for you to do the same. 

A little more...

15 years ago, at the time I'm writing this, I converted to the Catholic Church. I live in Edmonton, Alberta with my wife and 7 children producing content in the service of the mission of the Church as well as running my business. In my work I provide marketing and communication strategy as well as production services including branding, web design, videography, and more. If you're interested in hiring me for a project, please contact me